And yet another amazing and emotional performance by Kim Jongdae.

140726 Tao replying fans on Weibo!

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can you imagine everyone in exo huddled up together in the living room watching It’s Okay That’s Love while kyungsoo squirms embarrassingly in the middle of them 

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jongin taking a kissing selca with the fans and cutely smiling afterwards

Jongin pretended he was going to throw the candy a fan gave him but ate it himself. He then slapped the table while laughing, but instead of slapping the surface he hit the pen. The pen flew up and hit his face.


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a drunk suho after dinner with sj

Singin' in the Rain
Artist: Byun "BaekLockwood"
Album: Singin' in the Rain Musical
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so for those of you who were wondering why yixing and tao updated their weibo’s the way they did (they were very defensive and clearly irritated), it was because the chinese singer laure shang claimed EXO couldn’t speak chinese. on a TV program, she formed an idol group,…

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